Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Archives

The Daily Beast
Italian Mob Trades Weapons for Looted Art from ISIS in Libya 
Olive Trees Trump Energy in Italy 
These Progressives Will Pick the Next Pope
Inside the Cica Cica Boom Strip Club That Brought Down a General 
Don't Look Away From 'Fire at Sea' 

The Daily Beast
Denmark's Right Wing Peddles Anti Immigrant Spray 
One Woman Against The Mafia 
Pope Francis: Thou Shalt Not Gossip 
Mayor Says No To Rome Olympics 
When Hell Burns
Europe Stops At Nothing To Hunt Terrorists in Refugee Camps 
The Baby Without A Country 
Benedict: I Had Doubts on Francis 
The Fake Doctors Who Raped Anorexics 
How Italians Live to be 100 
Mother Teresa: A Perfect Saint for Troubled Times 
How Many Babies Have To Die Like Alan Kurdi? 
Italy to Women: Hurry, Get Knocked Up

The Daily Beast 
How the Mafia Murdered This Town 
In Italy, the Endless Earthquake 
The Town is Gone 
Where's the Outrage Over Nun Beachwear? 
Murder in the Monestary  
Italy May Outlaw Veganism for Kids 
Italy Braces for Libya Blowback 
Thousands of Kids Are Stranded at Rome Airport or Disappearing  
Erdogan Heir Under Investigation in Italy 
Syrian Child Actor Killed 
Mafia Holding Rome Hostage - With Garbage

Building Collapses During Live
Earthquake Coverage 
Earthquake aftershocks 
Earthquake Aftermath 
Aftershocks hamper rescue workers  

The Daily Beast 
Catholic Bishop Wants to Ban Married Sex 
Study Abroad, Die Abroad 
Vatileaks Verdict Sends Monsignor to Jail 
Italy's Gruesome Migrant Organ Transplant Murders 
American Student Washes Uup in Rome's Tiber 
God Wants You To Drink Wine
Live from the Colosseum! Italy's Best Dinner of 2016
Retired Pope Dishes on Gay Lobby

Italy Train Crash Package 
Italy Deadly Train Crash 
Italy Migrant Vessel Bodies Recovered  

The Daily Beast 
Pope Francis's Mea Culpa On Gays 
After Brexit What Happens To the Survivors? 
The Beginning of the End of Europe 
Sick New Mafia Weapon: Burning Cats 
Women Priests Exist 
The Woman Who's Conquered Rome 
The Olympic Team With No Country 
Ageing Baader Meinhoff Terrorists FIngered in Supermarket Heists

The Daily Beast 
Burned To Death For Refusing Sex 
Is Google Cheating Taxes in Europe? 
Austria's Donald Trump Loses
Egypt Air Victims Did Not Die Alone 
Egypt Air Flight Vanishes  
Amanda Knox's Quest To Clear Her Name 
Did Grandma's Gynecologist Steal A Young Woman's Eggs? 
Who Stole Rolex Off Dying Tony Soprano? 
Transgender Mafia Don Murdered 
Chinese Gangs and Italian Mob Hook Up, So Do Chinese and Italian Cops 
Did Pope Francis Just Pave Way For Women Priests? 
ISIS Ring Busted in Refugee Camp

Scientific American 
700 Drowned Migrants To Be Recovered From Sunken Smuggler Ship 

The Mafia Isn't Like The Sopranos, It's Like ISIS

The Daily Beast 
Fake Nuns Try To Save Spanish Sex Priest 
Italy's Most Racist Politician Supports Trump 
The CIA Kidnapper Facing Jail in Italy 
The Vatican Just Put A Convicted Rapist Back in a Parish 
Could Legalizing Pot in Europe Help Stop ISIS? 
How to Raise a Ghost Ship 
Pope Francis Just Shamed Europe 
Yes, the Pope Did Meet Bernie Sanders 
Syrian Refugee: "I had it all and now its gone"
"Not Hot Water, No Toilets, No Information" Lesbos, Greece 
Vatican: Pope Didn't Invite Bernie Sanders 
Italy Wants Truth About Tortured Student--Recalls Ambassador 
Pope Francis Eases Up On Gays 
Hospital Funds Diverted To Cardinal's Villa 

Scientific American 
Puglia's Olive Trees Didn't Have To Die 

The Daily Beast
Aum Shinrikyo-Japan's Death Cult Is Hiding in Europe 
Is Italy Enabling ISIS Invasion?  
Terrorist Tied to Brussels Attack Hid in Italy 
Inside the Mafia - ISIS Connection 
Vatleaks Priest: My Secret Lover Threatened Me With The Mafia
Italy's Pregnant Politics 

The Daily Beast 
Vatleaks Priest: My Secret Lover Threatened Me With The Mafia 
Vatican's No. 3 Faces Sex Abuse Inquisition  
Italy Elected Its Trump -- It Was A Fiasco 
Did Someone Kill The Pope's Receptionist?  
How Popes Play Politics In The US 
What The Pope Really Said About Trump 
Did Pope Francis Just Sink Trump? 
Did John Paul II Have A Secret Lover? 
Vatican Refuses To Talk About Sex Abuse 
Mafia Orphan Rats Out His Gangster Godmothers 
Pope Francis's 1000 Year Orthodox Surprise 
Pope Francis, Best Actor?

The Daily Beast
Will The Refugee Crisis Doom Europe? 
Sanctions Gone, Iran Goes On European Shopping Spree 
Italy's Gay Rights Showdown 
Convicted Killer Rudy Guede: "Amanda Knox was there" 
Denmark Bounces Migrants From Nightclubs  
Ashley Olsen Didn't Ask to Be Killed.  
Is This Ashley's Accidental Sex Killer? 
Eat, Play, Die: An Eat Pray Love Story Ends in Tragedy 
How Haute is Your Hijab? 
Did Pope Benedict XVI's Brother Run A Sadistic Sex Camp for Choirboys? 
Rome is Knee-Deep in Bird Poop 

Large Crowd Rallies Against Same Sex Unions in Italy 
Italy Same Sex Union Debate 
Iran's President in Italy To Start European Tour 
Man Arrested in Ashley Olsen Murder 
Police Know Identity of Suspect in Ashley Olsen Murder 
American murdered in Italy 
CNN News: Murder of American Ashley Ann Olsen in Florence 
CNN New Day: Murder of American Ashley Ann Olsen in Florence

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Archives

The Daily Beast 
Italians Blame Pizza Ovens and Vespas for Smog 
Embattled Ethiopians Cave Christmas 
Italian Businessman Burned in Oven 
Denmark Wants To Take Jewelry From Refugees 
Your Papal Blessings Might Be Fake 
Is the Mafia Saving Italy From ISIS or Profiting From Them? 
The Vatican's Scared Jubilee 
Fake War on Christmas Comes to Rome 
The Vatican's Sleazy New Sideshow 
Italy Drives Muslims Underground   

The Daily Beast 
Pope Calls Fundamentalism Idolatry 
Where Have Alll The Migrants Gone? 
Did Italy Miss Paris Terrorist? 
Vatican Puts Whistleblowers on Trial 
Will Jihadis Hijack The Vatican's Jubilee Year? 
Italian Muslims Tell Terrorists To Stop Killing In The Name Of Their God 
Will Paris Attack Fuel Anti-Refugee Violence? 
Your Italian Olive Oil May Be Crap 
Monsignor Busted for Champagne Binges 
The Clowns Who Gave Away Human Trafficking Ring 
The Terrorist Who Can't Get Arrested 
In Rome Mafia Trial: One Eyed Gangster And His 40 Thieves 
Explosive New Book: Bugged Priests and Sainthood For Sale
The Sexy Spy At The Vatican

Security Tightened Ahead of Pope's Visit to Africa 
Europe Terror Arrests 

The Daily Beast 
70 Babies Have Died Since Aylan
Castle Fixer-Upper Cheap! 
Catholic Sin Explained 
Is Pope Francis Sicker Than We Think? 
Danes Chop Up Lion 
Where is the Sex? Berlusconi's Bunga Bunga Biography 
Begotten, Not Made: IVF and the Vatican 
Domino's Pizza Comes to Italy 
The Rogue Priests Rome Couldn't Ignore 
Where Gay Priests Are Sent To Be Cured 
Vatican Clarifies Kim Davis Meeting

Scientific American
Chain Saw Massacre Escalates Fight Between Olive Farmers And Government 
The Battle of Olives 

Smithsonian Journeys Quarterly: Venice
Aldus Manuzio  

Florence From Above 

The Daily Beast 
Vatican Clarifies Kim Davis Meeting 
Don't Be Surprised That Pope Francis Met Kim Davis 
Pope Admits Church Covered Rampant Sex Abuse By Priests 
Pope Brings Out Fire And Brimstone For Child Abusing Clergy 
Did Italy Just Assassinate Libya's Migrant Smuggling Kingpin? 
Pope Francis To Congress: We're All Immigrants 
Pope's Pilgrimage to A Santeria Shrine 
The Pope, Cuba and the Yanqui Capitalist Curse 
Pope Francis and the Castros 
Beer, G-Strings and Pope Francis Souvenirs  
Everybody Wants A Piece of the Pope 
How To Explain Odd Catholic Customs 
Stephen Colbert: Why I'm A Devout Christian 
Thanks to Pope Francis Breaking Up Has Never Been So Easy 
Pope Offers Refugees Poor Shelter 
Court Blames Police for Knox Acquittal  
Aylan Kurdi Is Part of a Lost Generation 
Pope Tells Priests To Forgive Abortion

Amanda Knox Decision Explained by Court 

The Daily Beast
Pope Blesses Lesbian and Her Writing 
Vatican's No. 1 Pervert Priest Dies Suddenly 
Italy's Wedding Trafficking Scam 
50 Dead Migrants Found in Chicken Truck 
The Mafia Cougar and Her Captive Gigolo  
A Mafia Funeral Rome Couldn't Refuse 
Tattooed Leg Washes Up On Rome's Tiber River 
Italy Can't Deport Refugees Fast Enough 
Is Mad Cow Rearing Its Ugly Head Again? 
Italy Closes In On Mafia Boss 

The Daily Beast
Italy's Forgotten Hostage Priest 
The Second Fall of Rome 
Kenya Takes Down Billboard Pleading With Obama To Help Rape Victims 
They're Banning Books in Italy Again 
Are We Past Peak Francis? 
Italy's Gay Schizophrenia  
Giglio: Can We Have Our Disaster Back? 
Pope Francis Climage Warmup Act 

The Daily Beast
Bloody Friday: ISIS Revenge 
New Reguee Ghettos of Rome 
Pope Heats Up Global Warming Debate 
Judgment Day For Pervert Priests? 
Putin and the Pope 
Italy's Migrant Scams Now More Lucrative Than Drugs

Scientific American
Should Italy's Prized Olive Groves Be Burned To The Ground? 

The Daily Beast
Wife Didn't Know He Was A Mafia Hitman  
The Case of Italy's Stolen 1,800 Year Old Sarcophagus 
The Vatican's Cleanup and Cover Up 
No One Is Looking for 5,000 Missing Kids 
Venice's Only Mosque Is Inside A Church 
Will Raul Castro Really Return To The Church? 
Is Pope Francis A Commie?  
Europe's Insane Plan To Destroy Migrant Boats 
Italy's Hottest Astronaut   
A Tale of Two Babies 

Pope's "Angel' Remark Sparks Debate 
Pope Francis Confers Sainthood On Two Palestinians 
How Asylum Seekers Fall Through The Cracks 
EU Asks To Sanction Military Action in Libya

The Daily Beast
Pope Demands Equal Pay For Women But Doesn't Intend To Hire Any 
The Tiny Italian Town Beating The US Navy 
Inside The Mussolini Museum
Italians Grieve Over Dead Hostage 
Bin Laden's Aides Plotted Vatican Attack 
Italy Finally Cracks Down on Slave Trade 
Can Europe Stop Migrants From Drowning 
Refugees Drowned for Being Christian 
Custody Case from Hell Begins 
Let Them In Or Let Them Die? 
Remember Who Am I To Judge? Vatican Silent on French Gay Appointee 
What To Do With A Pope Who Speaks His Mind 
Vatican's Gay Orgy Scene
Vatican Declares War

Men Rescued on Rubber Dinghies 
More Migrants Die at Sea 
Hundreds of Migrants Dead at Sea 
Why Migrants Are Dying To Reach Italy 

Women in the World 
Woman's Forbidden Love Has Her Living in Sin 

The Daily Beast
Weinstein Accuser Sued Mr. G and Berlusconi For Sex Abuse 
Pope: No More Mafia Worship At Easter 
Is Pope Francis Planning A Last Hurrah? 
'Angel Face' Amanda Knox Goes Free 
Terrorists Can't Stop These Cruise Ships 
Key Decision For Amanda Knox Approaches 
D&G Get Some Far Right Love 
Putin's Secret Swiss Love child? 
Pope Francis Tells Confessors to Confess 
Brit Arrested for Killing Stepsister 
Pope's Homeless Guests Are Moving In 
South Africa's Madeleine McCann Is Found After 17 Years 
When in Rome Don't Speak English. Grazie. 

Italy High Court Overturns Amanda Knox Murder Conviction 
Amanda Knox Relieved Murder Conviction Overturned 
Equal time for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito? 
Did Pope Francis Peroform A Miracle in Naples? 
Terror in Tunisia 

Daily Telegraph
Our Amanda Knox Obsession Insults Meredith Kercher 

How Amanda Knox Media Circus Forgot the Murder Victim 

The Daily Beast
Tiny Hercules Escapes Italy Closing In On Looters 
New Bond Flick No Holiday For Romans 
ISIS Could Cost Italy Billions In Libya Oil Profits 
Europe's Jihad Capital 
Italy Fears ISIS Invasion 
The Pope As A Mardi Gras Bouncer 
The Pope's Mixed Messages 
Meet Amanda Knox's Fiance: Thunderstrike 
Amanda Knox Found Someone To Marry 
Costa Concordia Captain Convicted 
Rome's New Open Air Sex Markets 
Europe Anti-Vaxxer Disease 
Progressive Pope's Blind Spot 
Croatian Model Stabs Identical Twin Over A Man 
The Pope's Soul On The Streets

Captain Schettino Found Guilty 
Breaking News: Schettino Guilty 

The Daily Beast
Sex and the Senior Citizen 
Milan's New Anti-Mosque Law 
This Man Will Make Greece Leave The Euro 
How Europe Won The 70s War On Terror 
The Greek Who Could Break Europe 
This Little Bot Was Busted For Ecstasy 
Italy Accused of Paying Al Qaeda Ransom 
The Pope's Not Charlie 
Who's Showing Charlie Hebdo Cover 
Nigeria Let's Boko Haram Get Away With Murder 
All the Pope's Men 
Pope Francis Meets Angelina Jolie 
Europe's Islam Haters Say We Told You So 
Ghost Ships of the Mediterranean 
Jihadists Release New Years Eve Video of Italian Hostages 

Italy Migrants Ship Rescued
Crewless Ship Captured  
Burning Ferry Rescue 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Archives

The Daily Beast
Fire and Ice on the High Seas 
Pope Shooter's Very Weird Vatican Visit 
Italy's Terror on the Tracks 
Florence Preps David For The Big One 
Can the Pope Cure the Curia? 
The Pope's Diplomatic Miracle 
Vatican's Rare Nod to Nuns 
Europe's Sick, Cynical People Smugglers 
The New Mafia Running Rome 
Is The Pope Unprotected Now That He Fired Head of Swiss Guard? 
Cruiseship Crasher Takes the Stand 
Did This Flu Vaccine Kill 13? 

Burning Ferry Update 
Ferry Fire Italy 
Did Concordia Captain Flee Before Passengers? 
Captain Schettino Testifies
Cruise Captain Who Sailed Into Noriety 
Costa Concordia Captain Combative in Court  

The Daily Beast
Will the Swiss Quit Cooking Their Cats?
Days of Mafia Mayhem  
Pope's Risky Trip To Turkey 
Adios To The Diva Duchess 
Pope Francis Raffles Off His Swag 
Celebs Abandon Italian Quake Victims  
How Sicko Priests Got Away With It 
In Rome Riots, Calls for Mussolini and Attacks on Refugees 
Priests Raped and Pillaged Chicago for 50 Years 
Did Van Der Sloot Stab Himself? 
Sistine Chapel Gets Mood Lighting 
Britain's Let 'Em Die Law 

The Daily Beast
Pope Francis Blesses Exorcists 
Even The Pope Isn't A Creationist 
What's Worse Than Ebola In West Africa? Everything. 
Proud To Be A Coal Miner Fraudster 
Italy's Singing Nun Does 'Like A Virgin' 
Pope Francis Wins A Battle To Open Doors To Gays 
Was Putin's Midnight Visit to Berlusconi About Bunga Bunga? 
Church Says It's Ok To Be Gay, Sort Of 
This Perv May Know Maddie McCann's Fate 
Europe's Problematic Ebola Patients 
Nurse Nasty's Prescription: Death
Denmark's Bestiality Problem: It's Legal 
Catholic Church: It's Ok to be Gay, Sort Of 
Vatican's Same Sex Synod 
The Dog is Dead -- And We'll Never Know if it had Ebola 
Ebola in Europe: What Went Wrong 
Ebola Could Spread in Europe
Outed Madeleine McCann Troll Kills Herself  
The Pope Vs. The Church On Family Values 
Vatican Investigates Kansas City Bishop

CNN: Vatican Shift on Homosexuality 
CNNi: Ebola in Europe  

The Daily Beast
George and Amal: An Affair to Remember 
George & Amal After The Wedding 
A Mormon St. Peters in Rome 
Wedding Bells for George and Amal 
Would You Baptize and Alien? 
Pope Getting Serious About Sex Abuse 
Doubt Over Vatican's First Abuse Arrest 
Justice For Murdered American Nuns? 
The Vatican's Wafer Wars 
Europe's Secession Panic 
Massacre in the Mediterranean 
Pope Francis Vs. War Mongers 
Beheaded Catholic Nuns Shown No Mercy 
Sinking The Refugee Flotilla?  
Kate Beckinsale Plays Me In A Movie 
Parents Arrested Trying To Save Son

The Daily Beast
ISIS Plot To Kill Pope 
The Prisoner IISIS Wants To Trade For American 
Italy's Latest Export is Refugees 
Hostage Families Fear Worst After Foley 
Europe's Ebola Fueled Racism? 
Will There Soon Be Three Living Popes? 

Winterbottom Film: Revealing Truths Through Fiction 

The Daily Beast
Italy Suddenly Gets Ugly For Jews 
US Soldiers Accused of Rape Hope To Go Free in America 
Racism of Disaster Coverage 
Pope Thanks Sudanese Christian For Her Faith 
Bill Di Blasio's Roman Holiday 
After the Costa Concordia 
Pope Versus Pope in World Cup Final 
Alps Murder: Secret Hubby in US 
Vatican Bank: No More Secret Accounts 
Victims to Pope: Stop Begging for Forgiveness and Just Stop The Abuse 
Italy: Migrants Dying En Masse 
"I am not Amanda Knox" 
Syrian Weapions Arrive in Mafia Port 

Costa Concordia Final Voyage
Wrecked Costa Concordia Sets Sail On Final Voyage 
Nine Things To Know About The Costa Concordia 
What The Costa Concordia Leaves Behind
Wrecked Costa Concordia Floated But Victim Still Missing   

Scientific American
Massive Convoy To Assist Costa Concordia 

The Daily Beast
Did the Pope Just Wink at Gay Marriage? 
Who Really Killed NYPD Cop Joe Petrosino? 
Pope Francis May Be Risking His Life Taking On the Mafia 
Amanda Knox's Ex: Try Me Separately 
The Pope's Disappearing Act 
The Transgender Case Rocking Italy 
Wedding Bells For Joran Van Der Sloot 
Christ the Redeemer Only Endorses Brazil 
Venice Wedding Bells for George Clooney? 
Italy's Lost Generation 
Confessions of a Human Trafficker  
Italy's Weird World of Wine Fraud

Scientific American
Costa Concordia Finally Set To Leave Watery Grave 

The Daily Beast
Mafia Boss Sings: I Helped Italian Pols Pope Francis Says He Might Retire 
Pope's Pivotal Palestinian Moment 
Eavesdropping on Kim and Kanye's Wedding in Florence 
The Pope's Risky Trip To The Holy Land 
Real Housewives of the Vatican 
Money Laundering Vatican Bank Comes Clean 
Costa Concordia Passengers Tell Their Stories 
Renaissance Wedding Bells For Kimye? 
Gucci Killer To Go Free 
Pope Says Church Would Baptize Aliens? 
The Hunt For Madeleine McCann's Grave 
Why Italy's Lost City May Never Be Found 
No More Mr. Nice Pope 
Princess Berlusconi 
Italy's Scariest Serial Killer 
Vatican: Torture The Little Children

Scientific American
Setback Averted in Costa Concordia Salvage Close Call

Secret Lovers of Priests

Women Ask Pope Francis to End Celibacy 

The Daily Beast
Doctor Accused of Harvesting Stem Cells in Dirty Basements  
Italian Judge Explains Why Amanda Knox Did It 
The Saints Come Marching In 
Court of Miracles 
Refugees to Sicily in Biblical Exodus 
Was Madeleine McCann One Of Many? 
Chickens of the Sea 
Spain's LGBT Nursing Home 
For Sale: Scariest Island Ever 
Held Captive With Canine For 9 Years 
The Seedy Side of Sainthood 
Womb Service: Italy's Baby Making Troubles 
Pope Francis Asks Forgiveness 
The Murderess in a Gold Hummer 
Lost Masterpieces Found in Italian Kitchen 
Vatican Bank Rises From The Dead 
It's a Wrap for Women in the World 2014 
Why Does Hijab Get Such A Bad Wrap? 
Diane Von Furstenberg Undressed
When Gay Can Lead To Jail Or Worse
From Jon Stewart to Pussy Riot - Day 2 At WITW2014
Activism Silverman Style
Every Terrorist Has A Mother
Jon Stewart Leans In
Voices From The Syrian Inferno
A World Of Women On Stage

Italian Court Explains Amanda Knox Verdict 

The Daily Beast
Obama's Roman Holiday 
Vatican Vice 
Obama Needs Pope's Halo Effect 
The Problem With Food Porn 
Francis Names His Anti-Abuse Team 
Vandals Sack Pompeii -- Again 
Little Boy Mowed Down by Mafia 
Mozzarrella Threatened By the Mob 
A Disneyland for Foodies  
Russell Crowe Tweet Stalks Pope 
Mussolini Heir Tied to Sex Ring 
Captain Schettino: I'm a Scapegoat 
Critics of Pope Francis On His One Year Anniversary 
Mistaken Identities and Stolen Passports in Air Disaster 
Pope Francis Gets a Fanzine 
Rome's Deadly Pub Crawls 

Women in the World
How Europe's Five Female Defense Ministers Could Impact the Ukraine 

Yahoo News
Two Versions of Obama Pope Meeting 
Pope And Obama Deeply Divided  

The Daily Beast
Italy's Killer Boytoys 
Schettino Returns to Costa Concordia Crime Scene 
An Islamic Louvre In Venice
Breakthrough in Alps Murder  
Ethiopian Airlines Hijacking 
It's Not Ok To Be Gay in Sochi 
Uffizi's Secret Mass Grave 
Florentine Mayor to Lead Italy 
Italian Pirate Fighting Marines On Trial 
Switzerland Paints EU as Cheese-hungry Rats 
UN Slams the Vatican on Predator Priests 
Iranian Woman Found in Venice Lagoon after Botched Sex Game 
Migrants Sew Mouths Shut 

Captain Schettino Back On Board Costa Concordia 
Matteo Renzi faces Parliament 
Another Year, Another Italian Prime Minister 

Women in the World
Knox: Too Hot to be Innocent? 

PBS Frontline 
Secrets of the Vatican Frontline Documentary 

The Daily Beast
Raf on the Run 
Knox: Never Going Back to Italy Now 
Who Stole Christ's Foreskin 
Mafia's Littlest Victim 
Swiss Guards Gay Mafia 
Leftist Terrorist on the Lam 
Docs Reveal Diocese's Sins 
Knox: I'll be a Fugitive 
Pope Seeks Exorcists
Kercher Murder House for Sale

Kercher Family Responds to Murder Conviction 
Italy Mourns Three Year Old Mafia Victim