Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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My new book on sex trafficking, God, guns and the mafia

The Daily Beast
Summer Solstice Brings Out the Pagan In All of Us 
This Secret Exorcist Cult Made A Deal With The Devil 
Do Mafia Killers Deserve Hospitce Mercy? 
The Rise and Fall of Europe's F*&k Off Parties 
Trump and the Tyrants of Rome 
Do Mafia Killers Deserve Hospice Mercy? 
Terrorist's Mom: "How did it come to this?"
The Saint's Brain is Missing 

Mom of Terrorist: "There are no words."  

The Daily Beast
Naked Tourists are Ruining Italy 
Trump's Magical Misogyny Tour 
Italy is Giving Away Free Castles! 
A Vatican Survival Guide for the Gingrichs 
Vatican Looks for God in the Stars 
Is Madeleine McCann Still Alive 10 Years Later?

The Daily Beast
Pope Gives A Ted Talk And A Warning 
Trump Vs. the Volcano 
Rescuers in the Mediterranean Need Rescuing
Who Takes Custody of Little Gibraltar? 
Trump Just Discovered the Slaughter of Syria's Beautiful Babies? 

The Battle To Save Lives At Sea 

The Daily Beast
The Man Who Wants to Sink Refugee Rescue Boats 
Terror Plot to Kill Tourists in Venice 
Italy's Horrific Suitcase Murder Takes A Troubling Turn 
Human Price of Europe's Deadly Failure 
Italian TV: Asian Brides Want Your Man 
Pope Puts Exorcists on Speed Dial 
Pope Says Maybe to Married Priests 
Suicidally Stupid Selfies Are Killing Young People 
Bieber Creeper Lured Kids for Sex 
British Backpacker Held as Sex Hostage in Australia 
Where Pro-Choice Means No Choice 

The Daily Beast
Italy Paid for Gay Orgies Conspiracy in the Curia! 
The Boy Who Lived Twice 
Pope Does Penance for Pervert Priests 
ISIS Can Buy UK Passports On The Deep Web 
Someone Really Hates Pope Francis 
The Mob Couple Running Guns for ISIS 
Priest Visited Widows with Sex Toy Bag
Has Europe United Against Trump?

The Daily Beast
In Italy, Saving Syrian Children 
Europe's Uncommon Decency: Saving Lives Now, Sorting it Out Later 
Will A Celebrity Get The Vatican Ambassador Job? 
Heads Roll Over Vatican Condom Scandal 
Where Pope Francis Sees Hitler Rising Today 
The Avalanche Hotel's Miracle Puppies 
Heroic Tales from Avalanche Hotel 
Italy Hotel's Too True Earthquake Avalanche Horror Story 
Italy's Right Tears Itself Apart 
Saudi Music Video "Hwages"  
My Big Fat Greek Murder 

Avalanche Wipes Out Hotel 

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  1. you said "Ivanka praying alone in the cordoned off section of the plaza in front of the Wailing Wall" wailing wall is insulting. the correct term is western wall. wailing is an insulting term to Jews.